Discover the magic of epochs that have left tracks throughout time; from cultures such as Chiripa, Tiwanaku and Inca. It is in Bolivia where Dinosaur Tracks can be found. Bolivia’s social, cultural, economic and environmental characteristics also provide an excellent platform for carrying out study and research trips.

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Toro Toro

Walk in the footsteps of the dinosaurs in the Toro Toro National Park to discover paleontological remains from the Cretaceous and Palaeozoic periods. Scramble through caves full of stalactites and stalagmites, look out over the canyon and watch the parrots wheel around below, trek dry riverbeds where dinosaurs once drank, and bask in the hot springs. In a landscape straight out of geography textbooks and prehistoric documentaries, see for yourself the world where dinosaurs once roamed.

Tiwanaku and Chiripa

The Incas formed one of the largest empires in the Americas but over one thousand years ago the Chiripa, Viscachani and Tiwanaku peoples inhabited this region before the Incas arrived. Imagine walking on the same ground where these ancestral cultures dominated the land, conquered the region and promoted technology way beyond its time. The archaeological sites preserve reminders of each of these cultures that contributed so much to the region.

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