See the art and colours of Bolivia through visits and observation, witnessing the creation of textiles, textiles, ceramics and other cultural expressions. Delight in the beauty expressed in works made for you, and participate in the process of their making. Enjoy diverse programmes where colour and texture flow with the culture and knowledge of millenary peoples and customs.

Live the experience: One or more days


Andean art and spirit

Our most recognised artists, Gastón Ugalde, Antonio Saravia, Keiko Gonzales and others,  will guide you on an authentic path showing you how art, in all its different forms,  is a window through which the Andean spirit is waiting to be viewed.

Weaving the past into the present

Sucre, Oruro, La Paz and all of the communities in the North of Potosí give visitors the chance to see how Andean looms and fibres are chosen, identified and constructed. This narrative will take us through time and space in and out of the warp and weft of these cultures.

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