Bolivia Milenaria is made up of two words: Bolivia is the name of the country that we call home, inspires us and gives us life. Milenaria is the essence of culture and the virgin nature that surrounds us. By delving into both the culture and nature in our country we can show clients tour authentic Bolivian identity

Our company group trade name is Bolivia Milenaria, which enables us to target different market segments with unique authentic experiences for each one.

Our service philosophy is rooted in details, quality and customer focus; we respect our partners and clients alike as witnessed through our confidentiality policies.

Our group is geared to providing personalised, quality services. Each client is unique and so each experience we provide is exceptional.

Our prices go hand in hand with the services we provide. No expense is spared to give our clients the most luxurious programme we can offer. Quality takes priority and we base our services on meeting the demands and needs of our clients.

We do not offer package tours; each trip is unique. We do not use public transport; each step of our trips is carefully planned to ensure total satisfaction for our clients.

Bolivia Milenaria works directly throughout Bolivia without going through third parties or hiring local operators; this ensures that our clients receive top-of-the-line services.

Bolivia Milenaria adheres to all of Bolivia’s laws on the environment and her people; our aim is to minimise our impact on the different regions we visit and ensure full respect for everyone we meet on our travels.

Bolivia Milenaria encourages local involvement in our programmes and promotes respect for our indigenous communities; we would never stage activities or dress people up for visitors.

Bolivia Milenaria handpicks providers of nature-friendly products and services that promote conservation and the proper use of natural resources.

Bolivia Milenaria is against any form of child or animal exploitation; our programmes do not involve children and when we do use horses, llamas or donkeys, they are well cared for and never overworked.

Bolivia Milenaria promotes solidarity among the members of the team, our hosts, clients and passengers.

Bolivia Milenaria has its own and hires vehicles that run on petrol, are no older than 5 years and are environmentally friendly.

Bolivia Milenaria bases its actions on the principles of ethics, honesty, responsibility and accountability.

Bolivia Milenaria does not promote and is not linked in any way to any criminal, terrorist, religious or political activities.

Bolivia Milenaria supports sustainable development in the communities, towns and cities where we work encouraging businesses that boost the local economy.

Bolivia Milenaria will have its Sustainability Policy ready by the end of 2017 to become a key part of everything we do.