Carnival season is coming to Bolivia soon

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One of the best times to experience Bolivia’s incredible diversity and culture is during carnival season. It’s the time of year when Bolivians celebrate their historical traditions, look forward to the year ahead, and live in the moment - with a healthy dose of Chicha, Cerveza and Singani of course! If you’re visiting Bolivia in late February/early March, find out how Bolivia Milenaria experiential tours can take you into the heart of the action as part of a safe, real experience, and unique [...]

Natural beauty still matters in Bolivia

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With its diverse geography and climate, Bolivia is already a country of superlatives. The real surprise, however, is how determined Bolivia is to preserve its natural beauty for future visitors to enjoy.    Magical Bolivia presents numerous ways to take the breath away. Quite literally, in fact, if you find yourself hiking one of the ancient Inca trails high up among the peaks of the Cordillera Real. But in other ways too. In a world where Instagram travel has [...]

Bringing Bolivia into 2018 and beyond

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Since we started our business in 1998, we have seen our country grow. As proud Bolivians who want to share our beautiful culture and nature with you, we want to dispel some of the old stigmas that no longer fit this modern country as it continues to advance into the millennium.  Times have changed and so has Bolivia. It is the 5thth largest country in South America with a huge diversity of landscapes and mix of cultures. It is true that Bolivia has [...]