Approach the essence of Bolivian culture, expressed in the mystique and religiosity of various cultures and linked to them at an artistic, scientific and technological level. Live the everyday life of a Bolivia with diverse cultures, where time still conserves the richness of the past. Feel the magic, customs and religiosity of distinct geographical spaces.

Live the experience: One or more days


Living culture

Living Culture is expressed in the everyday life of people from different cultures and indigenous groups. Commune with these people, sharing and learning through respect for ways of life, traditions, gastronomy, culture, crafts and perceptions of the world belonging to different cultural groups located both in the Highlands and the Amazon regions.

La Paz mysticism

Parties, fairs and walks make up this programme where we dive deep into the roots of the region, connecting with the food that is born of Mother Earth, the drinks that encapsulate the ebullient nature of the culture surrounding the “preste” – the devotional party for a saint where religious syncretism can be seen before, during and after the festival as one of the main displays of Andean culture and mysticism.

Jesuit Missions

Declared by UNESCO as world heritage, the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos are the living repository of a period of the Spanish conquest in Bolivia. On every corner we come across indigenous Chiquitanos singing and playing baroque music that begs us to stop a while and be steeped in Chiquitano culture and tradition.

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