Connect with nature, be part of a magical experience visiting places of extraordinary beauty. Observe, feel and live these surroundings with a high degree of conservation. Be one of our eco-visitors in the Andes or in Amazonia; be a part of the group that conserves existing nature.

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Sajama National Park  

Get up close to the Bolivian environment by visiting the first national park to be declared a protected area in Bolivia. Sajama is one of the country’s finest examples of conservation and sustainable development – many of the communities in the park borders are involved in the economic management and promoting their model through  making sustainable use of their natural resources, farming camelids, preserving vicuñas. This is a wonderful opportunity to delve deep into nature and see how it sustains cultural activities today, just like it has done for hundreds of years.

Madidi National Park – Conservation with Identity

If you are a true nature and adventure lover then you can’t turn down this chance to visit the Madidi. Considered one of the most important nature sites in Bolivia due its being home to an overwhelming number of native species in a largely untouched state, the park is one of the world’s main genetic reserves. In a short time, visitors can explore an intense variety of ecosystems and look out for 4 739 plant species, 1 370 vertebrates, 867 tropical birds.

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