Bolivia has a unique lifestyle that combines exotic products with elegant places. The cultural differences and variety of ecological strata within Bolivia allow us to offer an infinitude of programmes that link the Highlands, valleys and Amazon region in an abundance of alternatives that allow the visitor to structure his/her own itinerary depending both on the time at your disposal and the products available in the area.

Live the experience: One or more days


At home with the chef

Have you ever wondered how the food was selected, purchased and prepared before it actually arrived on a plate in front of you? One of our expert chefs opens the doors to their restaurant or home for you to get hands-on experience in preparing a signature dish. Start off in the market, identify and select the best produce to take back to make a menu that anyone can replicate at home. Enjoy experimenting with local gastronomy and identity and learn new cooking techniques.   

Coffee Sense and Emotions

For anyone who loves coffee it’s not enough just to sip a delicious cup of our local coffee, you need to know where it comes from and what makes it tastes so good! The hillsides of the Yungas region are home to this particular coffee bean, and the luscious smell of warm, damp soil is just the start of this trip. Winding down through country roads, you will make your way to the communities that rise with the sun to plant and pick the beans to the rhythm of Afro-Bolivian folk music on the coffee plantations.

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