We started out in 1998 in a little office in La Paz’s most popular tourist area and, even though we’d worked in tourism before, we were facing a new challenge – building up a company based on our authentic unique and exclusive programmes. After a short time we realised that we were in the wrong place as most of the backpackers and more traditional travellers would come to us looking for the more run-of-the-mill products that we were not offering.

We changed our office but kept our product and slowly went about consolidating our philosophy and developing our speciality. We went through different phases supporting tourism development and management in Bolivia – not only as a company but also as consultants and advisors to different international cooperation agencies and the government; nevertheless, at the end of each of these projects we became more convinced that our company was the only way forward for sustainable and exclusive tourism.

We were pioneers in developing community-based tourism in Bolivia by supporting, contributing to and promoting initiatives in different regions with the end aim of improving the conditions of indigenous and farming communities. We owned a 4-star hotel in the Madidi National Park. We have given technical advice to design different tourism products and programmes for Bolivia to receive external funding for tourism development programmes. Now, after years of experience and lessons learnt we are specialists in tailor-made programmes and experiential travel throughout Bolivia.

We encourage others to improve how tourism is managed in the different regions of Bolivia, by starting up community-based businesses, and doing training, development and awareness-raising activities to build synergies among the communities where we work.

Meet the Team

Janette Simbrón

Ceo & Founder

Janette studied Psychology and has a post-grad in Cultural Anthropology. She is an expert in destination marketing and responsible for developing tourism packages. She is constantly on the lookout for new circuits and attractions to add to our portfolio.

Javier Villamil

Operations Manager & Founder

Javier studied Tourism and Law and has been a tour guide for many years now. Prior to setting up Bolivia Milenaria with Janette he ran a PR business; he is an expert in operations and is responsible for monitoring all of our clients during their stay in Bolivia.

Mariel Mendoza

Quality Manager & Control

Mariela is an expert in finances and quality management, and is responsible for Quality and special clients. She is our quality guru and ensures adherence to our quality policies and practices. She oversees our special events and luxury programmes.

Follow-up and monitoring

Elena Laura, our Bookings Manager, studied Tourism and works directly with hotels guides and drivers ensuring that everything runs smoothly when our clients are on the road.

Gary Arce is just about to graduate with a degree in Tourism. He is currently in charge of monitoring all of our passengers and groups on arrival.