Living Culture is expressed in the everyday life of people from different cultures and indigenous groups. Commune with these people, sharing and learning through respect for ways of life, traditions, gastronomy, culture, crafts and perceptions of the world belonging to different cultural groups located both in the Highlands and the Amazon regions.

Live the experience: Two or more days


Aymaras on Lake Titikaka

Go beyond those world-famous images of our people. Visit small communities living on the shores of Lake Titikaka and discover how they live. These local people take us back in time showing us how their simple, authentic daily lifestyle has lasted throughout the ages.

Tacanas and Mosetenes in the Bolivian jungle

The Bolivian highland cultures are a sight to behold and the lowland, jungle cultures are even richer still. The Tacana and Moseten communities living in the Bolivian jungle enjoy sharing their wisdom and day-to-day lifestyle with visitors. This programme enables us to interact, learn and experience life in the jungle and the local world vision.