As the first rays of sunshine pierce the jungle canopy in the Madidi National Park you are roused from your slumbers by the strident call of the brilliantly plumaged macaws as they join the dawn chorus of birds and monkeys, celebrating the start of another day in the majestic Bolivian rainforest. 

Calling all nature lovers, adventurers and eco-warriors!

Until you have visited Bolivia and explored the deepest recesses of this constantly-surprising country you cannot claim to have fully experienced the natural wonders of our marvelous planet. Although Bolivia makes up less than 1% of the earth, it is home to a staggering 40% of the planet’s wildlife and it is believed that many more species are still to be discovered deep in the jungles. In fact, in one year (2015) at least 5 new animal species and 10 new plant species were identified in the Madidi National Park alone. 

Approximately 17% of the country’s landmass is protected by stunningly beautiful national parks and wildlife refuges in pristine low-lying rainforest and pampas areas teeming with some of the world’s most unusual exotic animals.  

Hate backpacking and camping? No problem! Bolivia Milenaria understands that the more mature traveler usually likes to combine adventure with comfort! In recent years a number of comfortable (even luxurious) eco camps have been established in the national parks which make exploring the region a more attractive concept for demanding travelers who like to sleep in a comfortable bed, enjoy a proper shower and eat three delicious meals every day. Bolivia Milenaria only uses the best camps on our tours and since all our private and small-group tours are tailored to your requirements you can rest assured that you will not have to do without your creature comforts.